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    Mercenary events

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    Mercenary events

    Post  Jakev2 on Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:37 pm

    Mercenary events allow the player a chance to recruit some rare and/or exotic mercenaries for their faction. The background can of course portray the units as something other than mercenaries, but the general formula remains the same: pay x gold, spawn y number of unit z... relations changed with factions a and b... general gains trait c. Of course, writers are always welcome to add little extras on to any type of event, indeed imagination in breaking away from the generic formula is one of the major things I'll be looking for. If your event stands out, it probably stands a better chance of making it into the final version. Anyway, here's your example, a mercenary event for the Dunedain Rangers.

    bohemianhussar wrote:Soldiers come in all shapes and sizes...

    Trigger: none given (but there really should be one for every event)

    Back when our kingdom was more than just a realm of scattered villages, we were a mighty nation with a grand army to defend our borders composed of Dunedain, men, and hobbit alike. Times though now are getting hard to defend our borders though with are forces only being a shadow of what they were. The folk of Tookland see that my lord and their thain is willing to lend us a company of his archers as did Bandobras during the time of the 3 kingdoms. Shall we accept this small folk’s aid my lord and risk their lives or send them back to their idle living?

    Yes- Pay X gold and receive X units of Bandobras archers, relations increase with Bree and the Shire. (maybe a chance for an ancil called “Hobbit-friend’?). Angmar and OOTM have reduced relations with the shire.

    No- Such a folk do not belong in the cold north to battle the evils of Angmar and many would probably find themselves dead within the year. As proud as these “warriors” may be we cannot accept their help this time… Slightly decreased relations with the Shire, X units of hobbitry spawn near the shire to represent the men returning home to defend their lands.

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