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    Chained Events

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    Chained Events

    Post  Jakev2 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:16 pm

    Now, chained events are the hardest ones to write. I don't reccomend attempting them unless you have a great idea or want a challenge! I sometimes refer to chained events as "Epic events", because of the potentially game-changing possible outcomes of these events, and because of how long they take to write! They invlolve a number of smaller events, your answer of the last changing the one you get (if any) next. The chained event will eventually reach a massive conclusion, often giving large benefits to the player. I will give two examples for this, one which I think is excellent, and my own one because I want to show it off Razz.

    1) For the Corsairs/Havens of Umbar:

    cezarip wrote:Chained Event
    The new Númenór!

    1. The Dark Messenger (rewriting of Squeaky's DARK EMISSARY)
    Triggers: good standing with Mordor

    Long has the Dark Lord counted us among his friends. But yesterday, a knight of Mordor brought an alliance proposal and a plan to attack Gondor together. How shall we answer? We have the blood of Númenór, although diluted. We're the legitimate heirs of Anárion not the mixed blood of Eldacar's line! We're Gondor and Gondor belongs by right to us not to the usurping heirs of Elendil nor to the Stewards. Only together we'll be whole, we must reclaim the throne. We must be free and not His Darkness's slaves, or we'll diminish. To accept the alliance is to deny our legacy and our ancestors. Not to accept may rise the wraith of Mordor. Choose wisely my Lord.

    YES: alliance with Mordor, but loose any chance to get any Númenórian units. If at any point you accept alliance from Mordor until this event is completed you loose the right to any Númenórian units!
    No: decrease of relations with Mordor and Sauron, but this will get on the right track to obtain those Númenórian units


    2. Appeasing the Fiery Eye
    Triggers: good standing with Mordor, 2 round passed since the event no. 1.

    The Dark Lord's anger has been awaken for we denied His Will. We worship Him, we pray and sacrifice to Morgoth, in our temples, to grant us immortality. We're His and we will serve but not as slaves. Any of our men who wish to answer his summons are free to go. We'll follow Him and fight but under our flag. We'll pay him tribute but if we are to honor our past and build our future, we must stay free. Send messengers to Mordor with gifts and our own proposal?

    YES: -300/round, increased relations with Mordor and Sauron, all the standing that was lost in the previous event is regained, -100 people from each settlement, -1000 gold gift to Sauron
    NO: further decrease of the relations with Mordor


    3. The True Blood of Númenór
    Triggers: population in Umbar more as 5000 to 10000.

    My Lord, we may style ourselves as Númenóreans, but the true blood has been almost lost through marriage with Haradrim women. We gained their alliance and friendship, but we lost ourselves. We lost the blood, but we can get it back! The Captains of the Haven have been chosen from the Haradrims of truest heirs of Númenór that could be found, their lineage being traced to Castamir. We must concentrate the blood and get it clean again! The purity must be maintained. Should we forbid any marriage which may dilute the blood, with lower Haradrims be man or woman? We'll likely loose their favor but, to me, the price is worth it!

    YES: decrease of relations with the tribes of Harad, decrease of trade with them, decrease of population growth in all cities, all FM will get a trait "of Númenórean blood" giving +2 command, +2 HP, and +2 Loyalty, increase of unrest in all cities
    No: population growth bonus, increase of happiness in all cities


    4. The Third Realm in Exile
    Triggers: The Steward of Gondor has less as 5 authority and you have a spy on the Gondor's territory with at least 4 subterfuge, last tier of the spy producing buildings built in one of your cities

    The chance favors us and, if we act now, we could drive an edge between two enemies while straightening ourselves. Our Spy Master is confident that he can plant false evidence of a Dunedain plot to overthrow the Stewards and claim the throne of Gondor. They are likely to be banned or even put to death and there'll be even less love between Gondor and the Dunedain. If the Captain of Umbar would offer safe heaven and compensation to all of Númenórean blood unjustly accused and oppressed, many will fly to Umbar and join us. We'll be straightening ourselves and our claim, while our enemies diminish. We need good money if we're to succeed, we do it?

    YES: -10000, there are 75/100 chances of success but if we succeed then huge relations drop between Gondor and Rangers of the North, +500 peoples in all your cities, higher growth rates
    NO: no effect


    5. We search for scraps of knowledge
    Triggers: last level of shipwrights and 4th level of barracks built in Umbar and 15 rounds after the previous event

    We are corsairs but we're not The Corsairs. The times of the supreme sea galleons of Númenór and even of the Castamirion dynasty are long gone. Our best black sail ships are keel-less ships and therefore bound to sail along the coasts. We cannot venture deep into the Belegaer and then attack unseen and by surprise. We've lost the skill of arms and our smiths can't forge weapons and armors of old. But there is still hope to recover some of their knowledge as scraps are spread across the Middle Earth. If we shall found academies to study the military arts of the past and send some of our lore masters across the lands to search maybe we'll recover some of our long lost knowledge. We'll try to fill in the gaps ourselves. It will take coin and time but can be done. Do we invest the required time and money?

    YES: -600/round until event no. 6., in Umbar the buildings are built at half speed or double price
    No: no effect


    6. We have to choose
    Triggers: min 15 rounds from previous event and Huge Stone Wall or Citadel built in Umbar, the Corsairs own at least 5 cities, good relations with Mordor

    My Lord, we must decide! Two manuscripts have been located in the secret vaults of Mordor. Written in the times of Ar-Pharazôn they each describe the methods of training and building of his navy and his army. The lore of ship building and armor forging are also there. Using the lore we could build and train a navy or an army the like the Middle Earth has long not seen. But we must decide, we cannot steal it, we'll need to buy one of them, and just one. The Dark Lord will not suffer that we become too powerful and risk to challenge him like Ar-Pharazôn once did. The other he'll destroy. What do we choose, a strong navy or a strong army? Either way be prepared to pay 5000 gold and send 2000 men. Yes for navy, No for army!

    YES: -5000 gold and -2000 man from the capital, the Corsairs can now train "heavy galleons" having double attack and defense of the heaviest Gondor ships, double movement points and can move over deep waters like the Carraks of Vanilla MED2, 4 rounds recruitment time, the FM all have Black Numenorean bodyguards
    NO: -5000 gold and -2000 man from the capital, the Corsairs can now recruit true Numenorean units, 2 rounds recruitment time for each unit, the FM all have Black Numenorean bodyguards

    2) For the dwarves of Erebor:

    Jakev2 wrote: CHAINED EVENT

    The Secret of the Lonely Mountain

    1) Riches of the Rock

    Trigger: Erebor has a population above 10,000, and you have over 10,000 gold in the bank. 5% chance of occuring on every tenth turn (once per game)

    Sir, as you are no doubt aware, the Lonely Mountain has been tunneled extensively. However, many feel that there are still many oppurtunities laying further down in the Earth. Already, new tunnels are constantly being built. But we now have the chance to increase our efforts. Do you wish to give the order?

    Yes: pay 8000 gold. Mines upgraded to highest level. Construction speed in Erebor halved for 10 turns. 20% chance your faction leader gains trait "greedy", reducing income from trade and taxes, reducing public order but increasing money earned for mining.

    No: pay nothing. Public order decreased.

    2) The riddles of the Earth

    Trigger: Said YES to original event. minumum 10 turns later, 10% chance of occuring every 3rd turn.

    During our extensive mining project, our men encountered a problem. There is a large rock in the way of one of our tunnels, of a type we have never seen before. It is dull, and extremely boring, but incredibly hard, and no equipment we possess can get through it. However, we have heard that Saruman has been developing a substance, known as "black powder" which creates explosions. Perhaps we could gain some from him? If not, we will simply attempt to find another route, though this may take a long time, and be potentially even more costly.

    Yes: pay 2000. A small Isengard army appears nearby. 20% chance of damaging some buildings, 20% chance population decreases slightly (causes tunnel collapse). 1% chance population decreased by a large amount. 50% chance fation leader gains trait "pyrotechnic", giving fear and slightly increasing mining income but lowering public order.

    No: Pay 500/turn for 10 turns. Construction speed halved for 10 turns.

    3) A great discovery

    Trigger: 20 turns after event 2 if "yes" chosen, 40 turns after if "no" chosen (must have minimum 20,000 in the bank. If not, event appears on next turn)

    This is truly a great day for our people! Miners have discovered a new metal in the deepest tunnels under Erebor! It has properties similar to those of Mithril, though it is less strong, but our men do not yet know ehther it is workable. Its incredible shine has already led to the men calling it "Erebor Silver". It far surpasses Iron in all ways, and could easily become our most important metal in terms of construction and weaponry. Do you wish to utilise this incredible oppurtunity, and try and find a way to make things out of this new material?

    Yes: costs 20,000, plus a further 1,000 every turn for 20 turns. Faction Leader gains trait "Pioneer of the Earth", giving large increase to mining income and increased public order.

    No: Nothing happens.

    4) A great new metal!

    Trigger: Minimum 30 turns after event 3. Only occurs if "yes" answered. 60% chance. (must have minimum 20,000 in the bank. If not, event appears on next turn)

    Fantastic news! Our men have found the Erebor Silver to be workable! All you need to do now is give the order, and we shall set to using it right away!

    Yes: Pay 10,000. Highest level of Armourers constructed in Erebor, along with highest level of mines (if not already constructed). All generals gain ancillary "Erebor Silver", reducing construction costs by 20%. Relations with other Dwarvish factions decreased slightly. Trade income in Erebor increased. 75% chance a rebel dwarvish army (jealous, looking to use it themselves) appears near Erebor.

    No: No cost, relations with other Dwarvish factions improved.

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