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    Upgrade Events

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    Upgrade Events

    Post  Jakev2 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 5:03 pm

    Upgrade events give a faction a rare chance to upgrade a certain/few building/s in one/some of their settlement/s. They can aslo sometimes upgrade the weapons or armour of some of a factions units. The effect can be instantaneous, or may happen in x number of turns. It can also be free, but generally costs the faction. There can be other side effects too. Be creative!

    Example Upgrade event for Mordor:

    Jakev2 wrote:Ash giveth, and ash taketh away

    Trigger: Turns 50-60, 100-110, and 150-160. 2% chance each turn.

    My Lord, the steady clouds of ash streaming from Orodruin have presented us with a unique oppurtunity. We could use this to our advantage. Once it is on the ground, ash creates extremely fertile soil. With this, we could produce much more food in Gorgoroth. Do you want to do this?

    Yes: Pay 2,500 Gold. Farms in all North-Western Mordor settlements upgraded to the next level. 5% chance every turn for 5 turns that a large amount of the population is killed by an eruption.

    No: Nothing happens.

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