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    Trade events

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    Trade events Empty Trade events

    Post  Jakev2 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:52 pm

    Trade events give a player the chance to sell or buy some goods or resources, either paying for them and gaining some benefits, or selling them and gaining an increase in gold. Often they include a chance of failure, as in many parts of middle earth the roads were not safe. There can be other pros/cons to the event too. For example, they may improve realtions with the faction you are trading with. These should be based on things which a faction has, for example the Hobbits have pipe-weed, and Dorwinion has wine.

    Example of an event:

    cezarip wrote:

    Trade Event for "good" Isengard

    Trigger: good relations with Faragorn

    The Ents, our friends prove to be full of surprises. Following a long discussion you had with them, the offered you their "food", a brew from the waters of Entwash. Amazingly, you felt reinvigorated and refreshed. You asked permission to examine closely the properties of this miraculous drink. It is hard to believe but it can heal any wound and if one drinks it more than once it can make you grow. Do you want to ask permission to bottle some of this amazing drink and have it distributed among your people when in need? You promise you'll keep the secret! In exchange you decided to give them a special earth which cures the trees of any disease and makes the soil very nourishing.

    YES: trade rights with the ents if not already existent, -8000 gold, trade increase, pop increase in Isengard (either +1% or +1000 people), all FM have the chance to get a "flask of Ent-draughts" giving 20-30% causalities recovery after the battle
    NO: no effect

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