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    Character events

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    Character events

    Post  Jakev2 on Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:27 am

    Character events are...well, all about characters. These generally apply to famous people from middle earth (e.g. Elledan/Elrohir, Aragorn etc.) but can also apply to a faction's leader/heir whoever he may be, or even just a random family member (or indeed a family member who reaches certain conditions, e.g. below a certain age, high chivalry etc.). They often involve a character appearing to help out a faction or finding some useful weapon/ancillary. It doesn't even need to affect a general! It could easily be a spy, a get it. Here's an example, for Rivendell:

    cezarip wrote:The choice: Man or Elf

    Trigger: one FM (direct descendant of Elrond) having obedience < 5 and chivalry <5

    By the command and judgment of Manwe, I, kindred to Earendil and Elwig and having the blood of both Eledhrim and Ebœnnin, face the decision any of their kin must face. Like Elros, the brother of Elrond, I choose to be a man and be counted so. I choose to be a mortal, live my life in Middle-earth and forsake forever the way of elves and the return to the Undying Lands. I humbly beg you to release me of your family bonds and acknowledge my marriage to the Princess of Dol Amroth, a descendant of Elros and of Mithrellas, the companion of Nimrodel! Do you, sire, accept my choice and let me go?

    YES: the FM vanishes, alliance with Gondor, the King gets +1 chivalry and all FM +1 obedience
    NO: the FM gets -1 obedience, and the king +1 dread and all FM -1 obedience

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