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    Post  Squeaky on Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:23 pm

    The Misty Mountains is our domain...and we’ll stick anyone who thinks otherwise. We say who comes and goes around here. Our tunnels run below and above these passes, through the mountains to the 'Black Pit', Moria, which we won from the dwarves, all the way to the southern end at Isengard, which we stay well clear of – that’s Sharkie’s territory, he watches over that place. The rest of the mountains are ours and no filthy bearded dwarf of sneaky elf better say otherwise. We hold all of the passes over the mountains. To the north lies Mount Gundabad, and the vast halls that lie below comprise our mightiest stronghold, another realm we took from the stinking dwarves. All of the tribes of the mountains are loyal to you our High Chieftain.

    The Misty Mountains are our home, even after the Dwarves began their war, attempting nothing less than the extermination of our kind. For long years we battled under the mountains, and at the last they bested us. Yet they did this with trickery and deception and we made them pay a heavy price for their efforts, the filthy maggots didn’t realise we’d come back – We always come back. Azog the Great and his son Bolg lie dead now killed by the Dwarves and their elven conspirators, yet the time is now upon us to exact our revenge, we have replaced our losses rebuilt our strength.

    You, my Chieftain, descendent of Bolg are the latest in a great line. You lead us down the road to war. The Great Eye of Lugbúrz watches our preparations and commands us to take up arms once more, to conquer the realms of the weakling nations of the North. Word has been sent to us that Dol Guldur has been reoccupation and of a great army being assembled there. In the far North a fearful shadow stirs once more in the dark lands of Angmar, many of the northern tribes are drawn to the banner of the Iron Home once more. We are not alone in our efforts to slay the filthy Elves and their maggoty allies. The Eye cannot be ignored my Chief, we must burn the lands of the North and show our worthiness.

    Maybe we should start with those sneaky Elves; we have lost many to their arrows in recent years, they fight to open the passes, so they can travel between their secret lairs. They war upon us openly now, they hope to cower us into retreat, but they underestimate our strength and do not realise the futility of their efforts, we will find their secret lairs and burn them.

    Our enemies are many, but they are far from united. We are safe in our tunnels, save from the Dwarves, whom we do fear still. Only they can truly threaten us, but they are few in number, lost amongst many lands. We have the Shadow and Flame as an ally, and a powerful ally it is. Moria is its realm now, yet it accepts our presence. You were wise to treaty with such a power my chief, its might is unmatched; no one who dares enter the black pit will escape with their lives.

    We will have vengeance on our enemies. Our blades will seek them out and we will brand them with our names and those of the Eye, will slake our weapons in their lifeless corpses, in their slack-eyed deaths we will find recompense for their atrocities. We are the goblin-folk, the rulers of the Misty Mountains: Our folk are united once more under your leadership, my Chief, and we will rise to a glory unseen since Azog’s rule, you have the blood of Bolg in your veins and will lead us to victory. We are prepared, we are hungry, and we are eager to bring blade and fury upon our foes.

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