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    We are the last of a strong race of men. We are beset by danger at every turn; wild wolves prey on our people, but we hunt them at all times, bringing them down but never destroying them – much like the world and our people, the lost glory of the Northern Kingdom of Arnor. We had a greatly troubled with ‘highest of men’ – not so high when they come and savage your forest, tear down the bulk of what was your home. That is bitterness of many hundreds of years of time’s passing, and we do not keep it; it flows through us like water through hands.

    Our greater friends were the Druedain, not the Dunedain, but we respect them and remember what it was like to have a King. Order and fealty, protection and persecution. Long we have lived upon a double sided coin, an ironic existence, both hunted for our actions in defence of our forest and needed for the wars in the north – the levymen of Cardolan, we were. We lived with honour, fought and died for it, and never gave in.

    Our history sustains us, and we will see it restored – it is what keeps us sleeping at night, albeit with one eye open, and what gives us our courage- to gather around camp fires and talk of better times, of the histories. Passed down through generations our histories are, and they fill us with hope and sustain lives that are desperately in need of a common cause.

    We are a mixed people. Within our borders lie villages of fisherfolk, deep in the woods are great bowmen, hunters, whilst in the open ground are villages of a people who battle each day to remember our past and carry on in the hope that it will be restored. Our people are divided, and it may be that we unite by force, or under the banner of one such as you, my chieftain. A great leader is what we need, and I feel you may be the one we have waited for. This gives me great pleasure, and it is an honour to serve you!

    What we lack in honed military skill we make up for in our tenacity and honour in combat. We follow our chieftains to death, and would sustain them even beyond this. From the old ruins will come our people, from the fishing villages and from forest and plain. They will all fight and die for you without question, and with considerable ferocity. It is not that we lack skill; we lack unity enough to drill men, to bind them together and fight with discipline like the men of the Kingdoms do. Unlike the men of Dunland, we do not hold the bitterness of past history, we use it to look forward, not strain to see the flip side of that coin and keep hatred in our hearts. The men of ancient Cardolan are on the rise, and the foes that prey upon us had best be careful, lest they find a united cause that binds us in bands of iron them in the shadow of death. Will are ready to war with others, to take our cause and unite under one man again, not a king but one of our own – that is enough for now.

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