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    Makrells rhun event

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    Makrells rhun event Empty Makrells rhun event

    Post  Makrell on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:31 pm


    Part 1

    The riches of Erebor

    Trigger: dwarves of iron hills get more than 20000 in treasury

    My lord, long has the dwarves grown in Erebor, due to the treasure of Smaug. The chiefs feel that we are entitled to some of that wealth, as they have more than enough. Shall we send an ultimatum to the dwarves saying we will go to war if they do not pay.

    Yes: The dwarves should not go fat while the people of Rhun starve. Relations decrease with dwarves of Erebor. 50% part 2a and 50% part 2b

    No: They deserve their hard worked wealth. Increase unrest.

    Part 2a.

    Never trust a dwarf

    My lord, these dwarves refuse to part with their gold. They say it was they who defeated Smaug and they who deserve his treasure. Shall we assemble the men and go for them?

    Yes: We are entitled to Smaugs treasure. War with Dwarves. further decrease relations. Spawn full stack Rhun soldiers besieging erebor after 5 turns. Start part in 8 turns

    No: We can not take arms against them. Unrest increase.

    Part 2b.

    My lord, the dwarves have agreed upon a small payment in exchange for security. Shall we accept it? There might be more treasure in war. But the blue wizard say that peace might bring more power in the end.

    Yes: It is fair and square. 500 gold for each turn in 20 turns.

    No: No we need more gold. Muster the men. Spawn full stack soldiers besieging erebor after 6 turns start part 3a(60%) or 3b(40%) in 9 turns

    Part 3a.


    My lord, the dwarves have surrendered. They say that if we spare their lives, they will give us their treasure. Shall we take what they show us, the dwarves are sneaky and more might lie deep in their halls.

    Yes: 10000 gold.

    No: There might be more if we wait some time. continue the siege. Start part 3b in 1 turn.

    Part 3b.

    Enemy host approaches.

    My lord, our scouts report that a great host of Iron hills dwarves have come to liberate their friends. Shall we call of the siege, or try to hold them.

    Yes: Call of the siege. Ceasefire, army disband. decrease relations. Faction leader gains (2- chivalry- troop morale)

    No: Stand your ground. Full stack dwarves attack your forces, with Erebor garrison as reinforcements. If you lose decrease relations. If victorious start part 4 in 1 turn.

    Part 4


    We are victorious, shall we take all of Smaugs treasure, or shall we be friendly and only take some. Remember the words of the blue wizard. And that it was great wealth who brought a dragon here.

    Yes: We deserve what is rightfully ours. 20000 gold War continues with dwarves decrease relations. Start part 5 in 1 turn

    No: We only came here for some and that is what we take. Receive 10000 gold. Ceasefire.

    Part 5

    A secret door

    My lord, we have discovered that most of the treasure is gone. The Dwarves must have taken it out a secret door in the heat of battle. Most likely they have travelled to the iron hills, shall we press onward and claim the rest of Smaugs treasure.

    Yes: We came for treasure and will leave with treasure. The army in Erebor is moved to Iron Hillls, half stack reinforcements. Start a battle. If victorious start part 6a if lost start part 6b.

    No: They are to many, and we risk to lose it all. No effect

    Part 6a

    All is ours

    We have conquered, the treasure of Smaug is indeed mighty, shall we destroy the cities or use its tools for ourselves.

    Yes: Take all leave nothing. Receive 30000 gold decrase pop in Erebor and iron hills to 400. Destroy all the buildings. Faction leader gains Victor trait(+2command +2 chivalry)

    No: We might need it. Receive 10000 gold.Faction leader gains Victor trait(+2command +2 chivalry)

    Part 6b

    All is lost

    My lord, we last the battle and all our trasure with it. This is indeed a red day for Rhun.

    Yes and no: lose 20000 gold, decrease relations with dwarves greatly increase unrest in all cities. Faction leader gains loser trait(-2command, -2 chivalry)

    Is this too much should I rather focus on one city. And is the parts too small shall i expand them. I know it might need some more Lore but i couldn't find any good info on Rhun (exept for Khamul and the blue wizard)

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    Post  Squeaky on Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:11 am

    heh, taht's okay Very Happy
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    Post  Makrell on Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:15 am

    Reinforce military event

    My lord the Balcloth that use to live near the sea of Rhun are restless. The wish to to return to their homeland. If we pledge to remove the people of Dorwinion, they will help us. Shall we accept their blade, and take on a quest to destroy Dorwinion.

    Yes: They will be dealt with. Full stack soldiers appear near sea of Rhun. War started with Dorwinion

    No: We dont have time for this. No effect.

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