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    Makrells imnladris event

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    Makrells imnladris event Empty Makrells imnladris event

    Post  Makrell on Sun Aug 29, 2010 12:00 pm

    Diplomacy event

    Never trust a dwarf

    Trigger: Dwarves attacked any elven faction

    My lord these stinky Dwarves have attacked our allies, will we take up the bow and continue the battle. Long is it since we razed Nogrod, but Dwarves are not forgiving. All of elfdom must unite to finally remove this treat of the face of the earth.

    Yes: We help our friends. War with all dwarf factions, 75% Lorien also declare war, 90% Lindon declare war, 50% eryd lasgalen declare war

    No: we must focus on the dark lord. 25% lorien declare war, 10% lindon declare war, 40% eryd lasgalen declare war. decreased relations with attacked faction.

    This could also be ported for other elf factions, but with different chances. Should i post those events there also or just here.

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