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    Makrells Rohan event

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    Makrells Rohan event Empty Makrells Rohan event

    Post  Makrell on Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:57 pm

    dont know what type it is

    The forest of Orthanc

    Trigger: Rohan captured Orthanc good relations with elves

    My Lord we have been approached by an emissary of the woods. It is an ent of one of the ancient tales. He say that if we give them Orthanc so that trees can grow once more, he says that if we do so they will aid us in our struggle.

    Yes: The ents are mighty and we will need them. Orthanc is given to Ents, ents are availeble as mercenaries in Foldburg.Relations to ents better.

    No: Orthanc belongs to Rohan, not some trees. Relations with ents worsen.

    Is this event possible i think it would be a cool addition to Rohan, but im maybe stretching it Lore wise.

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