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    Jakev2's Dunedain Rangers events

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    Jakev2's Dunedain Rangers events Empty Jakev2's Dunedain Rangers events

    Post  Jakev2 on Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:44 am

    Defence of the Bree-Folk


    Triggers: Half stack or larger of Angmar, Enedwait/Minhiriath, OOtMM or Isengard troops (if at war with Bree-Land) in either Bree, Staddle or Archet. Can trigger up to three times per campaign.

    Long has it been our duty to defend the simple folk in the lands of Eriador from the evil forces which surround them on all sides. They know nothing of war, and their lives are so much the better for it. If we intend to keep it this way, we must act swiftly, because the forces of evil are enroaching on Bree-land! Do you wish to help our neighbours, as we have always done, or leave them to their fate?

    Yes, it is our duty to defend them, whatver the cost to ourselves: Pay 2,000 gold. A medium sized army of your forces (about 8-9 good units) appears in the region which contains the attacking force. War started with that faction, (if you weren't at war anyway) and realtions improved to "outstanding" with bree-land, as well as making an alliance (if you weren't already allied) and giving you and them military access in each others land (if you didn't already have it).

    No, we are too few as it is. We cannot afford more losses: Relations with Bree-land worsened, alliance ruined (if you were allied).
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    Jakev2's Dunedain Rangers events Empty Re: Jakev2's Dunedain Rangers events

    Post  Squeaky on Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:08 pm

    VERY nice...balanced in many ways and game changing ina good way! Smile

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