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    Menace events

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    Menace events

    Post  Jakev2 on Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:30 pm

    Menace events (sometimes also called spawn events) usually involve an opposing army (rebel, or of an opposing faction) spawning in the player's territory. These may or moay not cuase war, and the player often has the choice between going to war or not going to war over the enemy army. Here's a brief description of a generic spawn event by Squeaky:

    Squeaky wrote:These are events where a small foe turns up to raid and you get the chance to raise a force in the same vicinity as a levy, for an instant cost. If you don't, you have rebels or baddies running amok.

    Please note, there are plenty of variations on this formula. Use you imagination. Here a couple of nice examples:

    1) An event for Bree:

    Jakev2 wrote:Another Fell Winter

    Trigger: Beginning turn 60, 5% chance every turn (winter only) until turn 100. Stops if event occurs.

    Grave tidings! This year's winter looks like being a repeat of the Fell Winter of 1311 (Shire Reckoning) and already the Brandywine is beginning to freeze over! Not since the days of Bandobras Took has the Shire seen weather so harsh! Perhaps evil forces shall once more descend upon us from the North. we should look to anticipate any move made by our enemies, and reinforce our borders!

    Yes: Pay 3000 Gold. A small, low quality army appears near Scary. Faction leader gains trait "Protector of the Shire", +2 command, +2 popularity. 50% chance a small Angmar army appears nearby, 25% chance a small OOTMMM army appears nearby, 25% chance nothing happens.

    No: Faction Leader gians trait "Forsaker of the Shire", +2 fear, -2 popularity. increased unrest in the Shire. 50% chance a small Angmar army appears nearby, 25% chance a small OOTMMM army appears nearby, 25% chance nothing happens.

    2) An event for Rohan

    cezarip, man he does a lot of these! wrote:The Fords of Isen

    TRIGGER: Isengard turned Evil

    My King, our scouts report that Saruman is gathering forces on the west bank of Isen. As much as we can foresee, the armies are meant to conquer our lands. The most probable target is Helm's Deep. Our worst fears now come to be true, Saruman has turned against us. The men we left to guard the Fords of Isen will be able to delay their crossing for some time. If you want to stop them at the passing, do not delay. Gather the army and head for the Fords. It is a good place to defend before the enemy plunder and overrun our lands. Do you want o defend the pass of Isen?

    YES: king gets +1 authority, 3 rounds later an full Isengard army is spawned on the west bank of Isen near the Ford. If the king wins the battle all the units get get +3 experience, the king gets +2 hitpoints and 1 command point

    NO: the king gets "hiding behind walls", -1 authority, the Isengard army is spawned anyway and crosses unopposed heading directly for Helm's Deep

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