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    Moral Choice events

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    Moral Choice events Empty Moral Choice events

    Post  Jakev2 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:47 pm

    Moral Choice events are designed to give a player a hard choice

    1) Be evil. Normally a big/medium sized benefit in some way, but some repurcussions too, such as:

    - Decreased public order

    - Lowered population

    - Dread for faction leader

    - Bad traits for faction leader

    - Improved relations with Mordor/Sauron/Other evil faction

    - Decreased relations with some/all good factions

    and others.

    2) Follow the path of moral "right". Miss out on the big/medium benefit, but also avoid the other pros/cons of being evil. May impact in some other ways, such as:

    - Increased Chivalry for faction leader

    - Increased authority for faction leader

    - Traits (good or bad) for faction leader

    - Increased public order

    - Improved realtions with good factions

    - Decreased relations with evil factions

    and others.

    Here is an example for the Corsairs of Umbar:

    cezarip wrote:Refill the pits!

    Trigger: -5000 or lower in treasury

    My Lord, we need more coin, our treasury is empty. The choice is easy, we need to sell more slaves. The slave pits are empty we need just to fill them. How? I have a plan and is that good! For the good of all, some of the low born not having The Blood of Numenor would be volunteered to fill them. They are of little consequence anyway, expendable, I'd say. Our coffers will fill with profits and our star will rise again. Should we do it and reap the benefits of fast and effortlessly earned gold?

    YES: +10000 gold, -1000 people in Umbar, +1 dread for the faction ruler

    No: +1 authority for the faction ruler, increase of happiness in all cities

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