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    Soft, rustling whispers run through the forest of Fangorn. It is the darkest and deepest forest left in the West, a place of fright to most, of ill respect, where the trees themselves rumble, their rustling leaves said to shiver amongst thick-set trees, whose roots run deep in the fecund soil. At night it is a legend of terror, and children in Rohan talk in whispers to their fathers about the horrors of Fangorn, settling around fires to speak tales of the moaning of trees, the thump of unquiet boughs and the yearning to discover the truth of the Forest’s secret : ‘Do the trees’, they wonder, ‘really move as father said? Are we never to go there? To run and play and sing?’

    Hallowed ground, this great wall of bark and dense foliage, an ancient legacy from the old tales, a throwback to the First Age, when the trees were given their awakening by Yavanna, when the Enyd tended forests ten times the size of Fangron. The Elves taught them to speak, these Ents, and were rewarded many times over their gift. For Ents marched in the wars of Beleriand, and shattered the treacherous march of the Dwarves of Nogrod, alongside Beren and the Laiquendi , even as Menegroth burned.

    At their beginning in our tales, the Enyd were given their life by Yavanna, and their true charge was akin to that of the shepherd - to tend the Olvar; the plants and vegetation of Middle Earth – and to this end, their nature was akin the form of tree they took and then tended to. Their greatest tasking was to take charge of the spirits that chattered restlessly; full of excited , impatient youth, amongst the otherwise silent woods in huge, dense forests like the Taur-im-Duinath in the First Age. In Neldoreth (Taur-na-Neldor), in Doriath there were spirits aplenty, and Ents to herd them, to protect if need be. These whispering, creaking spirits they tended were named Huorns, capable of much by the gifts of Yavanna, the full extent of which remained ever unknown.

    There was a time when the Ents dminished from the world, and the Ents’ females, the’ Ent-Wives’ in common tongue, grew dissatisfied with their entrapment in Fangorn. They left for the Brown Lands, and mere mention of their march is heard only in Dorwinion - the bereft males, they stayed in Fangorn and would not simply pass on, for, like Elves, they are immortal. No more children to them, however, and their numbers thin by other means than natural death.

    Of late, their disquiet has been heightened – this cannot be a good thing. An angered Ent (the very name means ‘Giant’!), can achieve in seconds what a tree can can mange over years, destroying rock and stone, ripping the earth; useful as herders, but in anger? Both terrible and deadly. The White Wizard has ceased his wandering, his friendship, and this alone leads to disquiet: Will Fangorn awake from it’s slumber? Will anyone dare their wrath, attack the trees and charges of the Enyd, to bring them to full, riotous war?

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