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    In ill-fated Beleriand, amongst the Laiquendi, began the history of the Haven of Lindon, Land of the Singers. As the War of Wrath enveloped Beleriand, Cirdan the Shipwright gathered the survivors he had gifted with sanctuary upon the island of Balar. The swan ships bore them to the only surviving, habitable piece of Beleriand, that which became the Havens of Lindon, built by Ereinion Gil-Galad, High King of the Noldor in exile. Nestled south of the Blue Mountains, below shattered Nogrod, the Teleri fostered the Noldor and the their own kin within a Haven, a safe place for the beleaguered, whose lives had been broken by the terrible war whose aftermath saw an entire land sink below the Belegaer Sea.

    In the Second Age, there were two Kingdoms of Noldor – that of Lindon and that of Eregion – known to many as Hollin, friend to the Dwarves - where the Rings of Power were made. Eregion did not hold against the fortunes of time, but Lindon survived and weathered the storm of the Second Age, as it had the First before. It was Elrond who, after the death of Ereinion Gil-Galad, founded Imladris, the only other Haven for the most noble of Elves.

    Most of the Noldor to remain upon Middle Earth dwell within Lindon, as do the more numerous Teleri Falathrim, all under the leadership of Cirdan. Whilst Elrond was given Vilya, greatest ring of the three, no one claimed the Kingship from the fallen Gil-Galad, slain in the wars of the Last Alliance of Men and Elves. Cirdan is the Lord of the Teleri still, and his hand bore the Ring Narya until he gifted it to Gandalf upon his arrival from Aman. This removed some of the power and longevity of Lindon for an already uncertain future. It was a gift that was to speak of great wisdom and greatly of the strength of Cirdan himself, in giving a gift so seductive to an unknown, newly-emerged Istari

    The Havens of Mithlond, as they are known, stand separated by the Gulf of Lune - into Forlindon to the north and Harlindon to the south, whilst Mithlond itself stands at the mouth of the River Lhun. The beauty of Mithlond is immediately apparent in the white arches that cover all walkways between houses and the city is split between two parts, on either side of the Lhun River, a natural canal, straddled by beautiful white buildings on levels that sparkle with reflections of the sea. Here are the Swan Ships, a legacy of Beleriand, of Earendil’s journey – he who sailed to the Undying Lands to bring the Valar to war; of Alquelonde, the greatest port and most beauteous of settlements in the Undying lands. During this Age, the Third of the Sun and Moon, they bear away the strength of Elves, who shall never return.

    The White Towers stand some distance from the cities, upon the tower hills, ancient border of Arnor, encroaching upon the Shire, which wonders at their significance; a visible reminder of the grace of the Noldor. Gil-Galad built these towers to honour the kingdom of Arnor, when it was at it’s most glorious. Here is one of the Palantir, the Seeing Stones of Gondolin, placed there by Elendil: here Cirdan follows his longing and views only the Undying Lands, to which many Elves leave these shores, but which he does not. Perhaps it is comfort, perhaps grief that drives him to see the lands of the Valar and the Vanyar – those also of the Teleri and Noldor that dwell there, and the ones that return there in trickles of graceful sadness.

    Trade here drifts in from the farther communities – even Dwarves trade with the Elves here in small kind. The Swan ships bring goods from friends along the coasts, up through the Gulf of Lhun and into Mithlond. The Shire brings more economic growth and sustains them as if it were the breadbasket of Middle Earth. From the ruins of Arnor and distant Imladris come more rarities and Dunedain visit occasionally, with tales of distant events, as do other Elves - for a joyous reunion and a hopeful return; not all Elves depart Middle Earth.

    Cirdan knows that war will come to Elves, and that his likely future is to send his troops to a war they are perhaps ill-suited to, given their lack of numbers. His armies are based around the modern ways of Elven military, of speed and grace, but are also a testament to the strength of the Eldar who fought in the early wars of the Second Age. As ever before, their power unleashed will be both a grace to Middle Earth, and a terrifying woe to their enemies, for the Elves retain much of their former majesty in war. In the past, flowers bloomed where their lords walked, and the fire of Valinor in their eyes burned the Orcs with the purity of their righteous fury. The wonder and strength of the Noldor remains untested, but this will not last. Yet still they will fight, for some have not forgotten Middle Earth yet.

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