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    Durin, Eldest of The Seven Fathers ,first awoken of the Children of Aule,, founded Khazad-dûm , the Dwarf Mansions, the heart of our ancient realm; Dwarrowdelf. From the First Age we had thrived and prospered in these halls, for here we found mithril! Here also was our greatest friendship with the elves - in their kingdom of Hollin - and our own part in the forging of the Great Rings. In this lay our undoing as we dug too deeply and awoke Durin's Bane, the spirit of shadow and flame - Valaraukar - a Balrog of Morgoth! A thousand years have past since Durin's Bane drove us from our ancient home, and now our travel-worn expedition stands inside the Dimrill Gate, the doors of Moria, and the words of friendship are revealed under the moonlight once more. Be aware: evil lurks in the depths, and Durin’s Bane still haunts the deepest places.

    It falls to you, lord, to return these great halls to their former glory, and sustain such glory in your lifetime. We are all stout veterans of many battles, but reinforcement possibilities are slight and we have no friends on our borders. We must count on our martial prowess, hard earned against many a foe, and subtle diplomacy to secure our right to settle once more in these great halls of our forefathers. To the East, we face the Silvan Elves of Lorien, the forest we hear of only in hushed whispers - who still blame our hunger for mithril upon the waking of the Balrog, most fierce of their ancient foes. They will not forgive this easily. Despite our enmity, in these dark times, it would be wise to try to ease the tension and gain their favour, but the decision remains yours, lord.

    To the West and the North, there are the great Mines and Halls of Khazad-dûm and the wonders of the Mithril Forge -where once our forefather's hammers rang as our songs were sung and, from our breweries, there flowed rivers of our finest ales. By Sauron's will, those are now in the filthy, grasping paws of the Goblins; our hated foe, who'll never have forgotten our axes and our battle wrath from the war of Vengeance, and the slaughter of Azog upon the stairs of Azanulbizar. There will be no peace with those who slew our great king, Thrór , bearer of one of the last of the Seven Rings. Our axes cry out to drink the sweet nectar of hatred - the black poison of goblin blood: Their thirst for revenge shall never be sated, even unto the completion of the scourging of the Misty Mountain , when the last shield is smitten, the last helm cloven and the last severed goblin-head mounted upon an upthrust stake.

    It would be wise to reconquer these regions as many of the smithies and storerooms remain in working condition - that will be of great help reforging the armour and weapons for our mightiest warriors. Northward along the great Misty Mountains lie strongholds infested by wretched Goblins. One day - when we have regained our former strength – we shall move against these creatures and slaughter them all, cleaning their filth from those fine mountains! Until that day, lord, we have to endure many battles while working to restore the halls of Durin and our greatest Sires. Your loyal Dwarves stand ready, awaiting for your orders, ready to follow you on our quest to surpass our former glories, striding into the next chapter of our histories, striking out boldly against those who would arrest our great march through the pages of the histories of Middle Earth.

    „Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!”

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