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    The Kingdom Under the Mountain, Erebor. This is our realm, the power of the Dwarves in the easternmost edge of the Western sphere, where Longbeards and Broadbeams delve into the lambent and virtually inexhaustible veins of precious metals that provide the power and wealth of our King Dain II. This is the Power of the Iron Hills of old, the Dwarf Realm at the borders of those we regard as foes in the Eastern man-realms, farthest from the Blue Mountains, where our people fade. It was he that marched five hundreds of our warriors to contest the claim of the Elves of the Woodland Realm and the Lake Mens’ ignorant demands upon the mountain, their attempt to thieve from the rightful acclamation of Thorin Oakenshield, bearer of Orcrist.

    Sadly, Thorin Oakenshield was lost in this brief clash of differences, but our timely arrival won the Battle of Five Armies, a battle that saw our final revenge upon the line of Azog. We relished in the slaying of Bolg of the Misty Mountains, Azog's son in vain. This wondrous act forever weakened the goblins’ hold on that far domain. Our arrival was not timely by fate alone, for Dwarves may not be fast, as Elves are in war, but we have such strength that we march for days without rest , on limited rations – hard tack and dried meat – as the Iron Hills have birthed us to do. The ravens still remember us, their wings bringing word of events afar.

    Dain II is our King, the greatest Lord of Dwarves, rich and strong beyond any man’s line, robust and bold beyond the strength of either Elves and Men. Balin, of Fundin’s blood, reclaims Moria, the Kingdom of Khazad-dum, and no other Dwarven Realm shows strength enough to support this as we do, albeit against Dain's will. Alone of all races, we remained resistant to the devilry contained withinin the dark gifts that lay like poison in the Seven Dwarven Rings. They spelt our doom, however, as the dragons hunted us for them and the riches they brought us - as did Sauron, to recover that which did not work to his ends.

    We have renewed our friendship with the Ravens, and they float in flight upon our war banners as we prepare for war once more. More, we have turned the wary silence between the Dwarves and the Men of Dale into a grand friendship which has brought bounty in ways we cannot possibly provide for ourselves. Their trade has brought prosperity to their people and brought our survival and a true friendship we do not enjoy elsewhere. If our efforts fall to destitution, they have our Hold to retreat to, and Erebor is unbreachable to almost any foe.

    We are threatened by the machinations of Sauron once more, and we will not give in – resistance is our very nature, hardy Aule’s children of rock and stone. Preparations are underway for you to lead our armies to victory, but it will not be easy, for we are not numberless. We will face the Easterlings, Orcs from Dol Guldur and our enmity with dead Bolg’s goblin-kin shall surely erupt once more. The Shadow gathers it’s allies, and we stand in the face of Sauron in the north, where we shield even the Elves from his terrible intent.

    We are well-suited to this final war. Dain has amassed riches beyond compare – our mines lay deep and our armouries are well stocked with master-smith’s fashioning of arms and armour. The Mattocks and mail of the very Dwarves to fight Bolg in the past will sing in a shrill war-paean once more, and the blood of black goblins - and the thin blood of man - will surely spill across battlefields and dye rivers with blood. Our strength is augmented by our great friends in Dale – the toys we make for their children have won us a deserving friendship that gives our forces hope, strength unbound, in that we do not stand alone. Never a stronger Dwarven realm has there been since the glorious days of Khazad-dum!

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