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    The provinces of Belfalas and Dor-en-Ernil had been inhabited by men of Númenórean descent even before the destruction of Numenor. The history of the Princes of Dol Amroth is shrouded in mystery. Legend has it for example that a Lord among the Faithful who lived in Belfalas was granted the title of Prince by Elendil the Fair. Other tales claim that according to the tradition of the House of Dol Amroth the Princes can trace their ancestry back to Imrazôr the Númenórean and the Elven-lady Mithrellas. Their son Galador was said to have founded the line of the Lords of Dol Amroth.

    From the Sea-ward Tower in the port city of Dol Amroth, the Princes have ruled Belfalas and Dor-en-Ernil for generations. The city is located on a hill overlooking the Bay of Belfalas and Cobas Haven. The Principality enjoys a level of autonomy above and beyond that of the rest of Gondor's fiefdoms. The current Prince, Adrahil II, is officially ranked third in the kingdom after the Steward and the long absent king. This honour can only be regarded as appropriate for one in whose veins the blood of Númenor is mingled with the blood of the Silvan Elves.

    As a sea-trading city, Dol Amroth is without a doubt one of the richest cities in Gondor. Since the recent defeat of the Corsairs of Umbar in the Battle of the Havens, merchants have returned to the marketplaces and wharves bringing goods from far places. As a result of this wealth the soldiers are better armed and equipped than those from other provinces. The most famous and recognizable of the nobles of Belfalas are the fabled Swan Knights of Dol Amroth. Like the Prince, the Knights are of Númenórean descent unmingled with the blood of lesser men. They display a level of nobility and valour rarely seen elsewhere in these days. All their courage and skill at arms will be needed in the coming days as our enemies regroup and return.

    But the Principality of Dol Amroth does not only rely upon her Knights, for the majority of the army is made up from her Men at Arms, hailing not only from the city of Dol Amroth but also from the hill fortress of Tarnost. Although these men do not belong to the elite of the society, they are still Númenóreans which makes them skilled and dedicated warriors.

    The biggest threat of the Principality is the port city of Umbar which lies to the south, although the Corsair fleet was recently destroyed in a daring raid by the mysterious Thorongil, it will not be long before they return and the raids begin again. To the east lies Mordor and though not an immediate threat to Dol Amroth, the Amrothians can not afford to ignore the threat of the Dark Lord. If Gondor falls, Belfalas follow will soon after.

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