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    The ‘Golden One’, Ar-Pharazon, built Umbar, but we, the King’s Men, those they call the Black Numenoreans, seized it from the weakness of the greater part of the issue of Numenor, the isle that vanity of the Valar washed below the seas. We are their descendents, and we are the stronger for it. The harsh life we live in Umbar gives us the strength and the ferocity that the world knows us as the Corsairs. We are much beyond simple pirates however, for we hold as much of the blood of Numenor as the weak that have receded in the northerly lands – Gondor is ripe for the picking, and Arnor fell to our Master long ago indeed.

    Umbar is the city of Fate, and the first dwellers built it because of it’s name. Elvish words are lost on the world now, and they have long since departed our waters, although we may kill their numbers when we grow to our full strength. Long have we ravaged the coast of Gondor, and once the ‘poor’ Kingdom falls, there are other coasts to plunder. We had great lords, men such as Heremor and Fuinur, but they have passed, leaving us the relationships they forged with the men of Harad – our long term allies and long term foes of our enemies.

    The strife with Gondor has held tragedy for us – Earnil I took our port by surprise, and we inflicted great loss upon his army. Too much loss for him. His descendents held Umbar for 500 years, but we came with the Haradrim and took it back, albeit with minor assaults that failed in the intervening period. The King’s Men will not be denied their legacy, and the city fell to us once again during the Kin Strife. The ‘Usurper’ Castamir was our friend in this, and the ever weakening Gondor that was plagued with civil war was rife with neglect of it’s riches. Our corsairs took much delight in this unsettled time and plundered our enemies’ lands.

    Castamir’s issue aided our power – we slew two Kings of Gondor; Minardil and Argamil, our forces led by Castamir’s sons and their offspring. Two of our greatest lords, Castamir’s grandsons Angamaitë and Sangahyando sacked the port of Pelargir. We destroyed much of it’s worth, militarily and financially, ending it’s power as the naval power that had denied us for so long. We raided their lands of Anfalas and Belfalas often, and took Harad’s part in the capture of Harondor. We were strong then and are strong now. Nothing Gondor can do will turn us from our goals: the savaging of Gondor and the ending of the Dunedain line in the South, the burning of Minas Tirith and the rewards of our service to Sauron, whom we embraced many years ago. He was, after all, our true master in flawed Numenor.

    We bring much trade into our lands. Our allies bring their goods through Harad, we raid the coasts of Gondor’s fiefs, and our ships are both numerous and well manned by those suited to the sea, born to the prow and eager for the blood of the enemies of Sauron. These are the men, and other races, who are our enemies under any name. Whoever resists Him shall be slaughtered in His name, but we are not merely puppets – we still carry strong blood in our own line of Numenor – we are still the King’s Men, but our King now is Lord Sauron, the Great Eye, and we will ravage the coasts of every petty land before we are done. Those who see our black sails do not forget, and none will forget who gave them their graves at the end of this great war... A war to end all wars upon Middle Earth.; a war for the dominance of Sauron and the vengeance of Umbar!

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