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    We are the Men of Rhun, and we live East of the Sea of Rhun, although we have held lands beyond before. There are two great Kings of the Easterlings, as we known; Ulfang and Khamul, the latter now of the Nazgul. Once there were Blachoth to aid us, but the Kings of Gondor exterminated them in Calenardhon with the unexpected arrival of the Eorlingas from the north, come to aid the Steward of Gondor, the weak man they knew as Cirion.

    Ulfang ruled in our glory-days – the First Age - when we fell upon the fool Edain and their master Caranthir of the Noldor . They called it the ‘Betrayal of Men’, and held our people captive in accursed Hithlum after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad ended us. Bor the Thrice-Cursed did not follow the Dark One – Morgoth Bauglir - and betrayed us in doing so. We could have changed our fate in that war if he had just followed orders.

    We are given over, heart and soul, to the lieutenant of Morgoth, the Great Eye we call Sauron. He and his Nazgul are the truest power in Middle Earth and we follow him without question, without restraint, and still worship him and his Master, Morgoth. Our greatest hate lies upon the Kingdom of Gondor, the pale, insipid nation of minions to a long-discarded ideal of ‘honour’ and ‘freedom’, as they call it.

    The Wains fell upon the armies of Gondor in this Third Age many times, joining with the Souhtrons, other devoted followers of the Eye, but were defeated by their ’King’, Calimehitar, at the Field of Celebrant. This was a minor set back, and we had slowly conquered all of Gondor’s domain east of the River Anduin, obliterating any army sent against us, pushing their defenders back from Rhovanion, and the Brown Lands

    Our greatest victory was in this Third Age, when we slew their Ondoher and his heirs with our once-allies the Variags. Wwere too set in our ways, and celebrated our victory instead of completing our invasion, to take Minas Anor for the Dark Lord. Oft we celebrate, life and the Darkness, but we were fools then – not so now! The vicious warrior Earnil came upon us in our stupor, and we were undone, broken, driven from the field of battle. From this, we took losses that have taken a great length of time to recover, but now we are ascendant again, and the lands of Gondor will tremble and fall before us, as will the other Western Kingdoms: Dale of the Lake and the dour and vicious Dwarves, who remind us so much of the Balchoth in their truly unreasonable fighting skills. Maybe even unto the Mirkwood, to smash these ‘elves’ of the darkening forest. Can they not see their hopeless situation, can they not fall to their knees before Sauron as we do?

    Through the plans and power of the Eye, given to us by you, my Lord, we shall drive our foes to destruction, tear down their homes, massacre the weak and young and reclaim the lands we lost to the Gondorians so many years ago. Unless your wishes are different from this, My Lord. We follow you to death, and we know you are a worshipper in truth, so your wishes are as Mordor’s to us and we follow that same belief, but in your name. Should you wish it, out wains shall be driven wherever you command. I beg your forgiveness – I was carried by the lust for war, as are we all. War it is, shall be and has ever been war, and we, the Easterlings, are ready for utter domination of this Western world!

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