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    Silken sheets cover the sleeping bodies of our masters, their whispering breath shrouding their bodies, glistening, slaked with sweat. We are used to the heat of our homeland, but still it affects us; it is in our blood, as is the vein of wrath that drives us in our service to the forces of the black land. To our Lord in the shadow-bound land of Mordor, our greater service is to the Eye. Long have we worshipped the Dark Lord, yet it was not always so.

    Far in our past we were befriended by those of Numenor, and they taught us much in the wake of their supremacy. Agriculture we learned, the curse of dirt and sweat, to toil in the sun. Architecture we studied, yet we have still not matched their talents, let alone surpassed them – Umbar stands as our ally because of this legacy, because of the King’s Men, those they named ‘Black Numenorians’. However much they taught, He matched it, outweighed it and surpassed them in a different way. His nature was one of a silken tongue, of secret tryst and guidance under a Father, theirs was the voice of dominance, of patronization and of those who place themselves above you. Foolishly so.

    They came amongst us and they brought knowledge, yet our new master brought more to the table of providence than they ever could. He brought power not intellect, and the Great Rings for the splendour of our Kings. They tried to change us, to alter our culture and heritage; he gave us it back, and enhanced it. His knowledge was the greater, his wisdom the more telling, and in the end they saw this too – all but the upstart few....those that live now only in the cold lands of Gondor.

    We betrayed Him once. When the King Ar-Pharazon lived in Umbar, the lord Sauron challenged him and we were weak in our new service to the Dark Lord. We refused to fight, and he allowed his own capture, taught the King his ways, as he did us. The stupor-laced gods of Numenor were replaced by Sauron’s own god, and they sank the greatest land of men below the waters. For choosing the right path, they were punished, and our service was bound forever to the heart of our Lord, Sauron.

    Much is contained within our histories of these times, and much of this involves Umbar, which is our greatest friend and ally outside of Mordor. Their Lords came amongst us after the fall of grand Numenor, and they led us with greatness and true nobility, but were called ‘Black’ by the few, whilst we called them the true Kings they were. Not just Umbar gained the renewed wisdom of Numenor, nor did Umbar surpass our skills, as they were lost even to the survivors that came in their ships as the few of Ar-Pharazon, Servant of Melkor. They came born anew, with the greater wisdom, beyond that of Elendil and his spawn.

    When the Rings drew our greatest Lords from us, took them to a greater path, we were bereft of their leadership, but ours is the way of understanding. We do not question what it is those greater than we ask of us. That is the way of Harad. Split into many tribes, into many lands within one, we were disparate, warring, incessant in our struggles, until united by a being of greater vision, of unbridled power, such that he showed us to sway our hand. We fought for him many times against the Men of Gondor – we have lost many times, victory snatched fleetingly from us. However there is a war coming that will wipe away the stains of failure, and will see the ruin of Gondor, as their brethren were destroyed by the Witch King – the same Nazgul that will lead us to the ruin of all that remains in the west of middle Earth. We are the stronger, we are moulded to be superior by our harsh lands and we will harness our hate in the service of a greater power than we can fully understand. It is war, raw, unfettered fury, and a call to a day that will see the west burn!

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