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    Angmar Starter Event

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    Angmar Starter Event

    Post  Squeaky on Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:13 pm

    To explain the factions a bit better, we're posting all of the starter events in each thread so you can see what they're about.

    Cold is the heart that beats slowly in Angmar, cold is the Eye in Carn Dum! Long fingers of Ice and Shadow stretch from these Ironclad walls of stone, bound harshly, as it should be, in the wastes of the north. Kingdom of the Witch King of old, the land has never lost it’s terror of it’s own warping. This land was melded and moulded by the sharp hand of the Witch King, Lord of the Nine, Lord of the Nazgul, and now Prince of Minas Morgul!

    The things that creep in the Dark live here; the beautifully sculpted Orc, so wondrously tortured and manipulated by the Morgoth Bauglir in distant Utumno, in an age long gone, before the cursed Sun and Moon, before the Children of Aule and the Men, Children of the Sun. Beautiful vermin, these, delicious in their fear, cowardice and hatred. The Olog, trolls, warped in mockery of the Enyd, the Ents; they crawl through tunnels they ate into stone, crude , stupid trolls – yet so effective. Fear and hunger, all, driven by the Eye, and the Iron Crown of the master. Here in the north, they fester and feed, devouring in the Dark, salivating in their lairs as they consider the consumption of man, Dwarf and beast.

    Created in the worshipful image of Morgoth’s Angband, Angmar is the engine that drove apart the Kingdom of Arnor, the catalyst that sharpened the jealousy and desire of the Man, weak spirited fools, even these Dunedain, the ones who live on nothing, of past triumphs that never built anything that lasted. Transient kingdoms, palls of pointless dreamery. We ignited their spite, and will do so again, for the greatness of Sauron – Gorthaur of old, lieutenant of Morgoth, Lord of the Tol-in-Gaurhoth, Lord of the Werewolves lies directly in his autonomous heart, the Witch King of Angmar., OUR Lord of Carn Dum!

    With spite, with shall descend upon the world of men, mangle and rend these Dunedain, self-styled ‘Lords’ – as NOTHING compared to ours - and crush all opposition, be it Man, Elf or Dwarf. They are not strong, in this Age, and their lines fail. The weakness of the Elves is palpable, as they leave these waters, never to return. A blessing – of old they were fierce foes, and we knew fear, but now they are but a ghost of their old selves, and will dye our spears red with their watery blood.

    The machinations of the Lord Nazgul sent the fool Numenoreans at each others’ throats in the time of Arnor; allied with us, the scum of Rhudaur did, and look what they received for their stupidity: absolution. Death . In their place our foulness and men truly given to darkness, to speed on the fall of the northern remnants of the spire of Numenor. Their great Prince of Cardolan was buried in the Barrow Downs, and look what we did there, to him and his folk! These creations of the wraith-lord, our Witch King, the Barrow Wights, the restless dead, confounded the efforts of lords of Arthedain to rebuild Cardolan, and sent them scurrying into a grand Plague. Oh, the delight in it all – the Fall of the World to our glory, and it begins with us in part.

    We are ready, the Shadow of Angmar, to renew our assault on Middle Earth, and need nothing more than we already have. The weakness is there, and we excel at finding lines to fracture, such as w e would in our mountain fastness to gather the pig-iron we make our weapons from. We will strike at the weak points of Man, Elf and Dwarf, and our servant ‘allies’ in the Misty Mountains simply sacrifice themselves to speed along the fall of the West!

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