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    How to post an event idea

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    How to post an event idea

    Post  Jakev2 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:02 pm

    To post an event idea on these forums, follow these simple steps:

    1) Go into the forum of the faction who you wish to make an event for

    2) Make a new thread, entitled "[Insertyour name here]'s yes/no event ideas for [insert faction's name here]"

    3) The original post of the thread can either be:

    - A brief introduction

    - Your first idea

    4) Each time you wish to make a new event for a faction you have already made an event for, go back to this thread and make a new post.

    5) Every post should be set out like this:

    TYPE OF EVENT (in caps)

    Title of event (in bold)

    Event Trigger (in green, or a similarly standy-outy colour): this is where you say what conditions must be met in order for the event to appear.

    Text, giving some back story for the event, and some detail on what saying yes/no would ential

    Yes: state the effects of choosing yes

    No: state the effects of cgoosing no
    Example (for "Good" Isengard):

    Jakev2 wrote:MENACE EVENT

    Goblins near the Orthanc!

    Trigger: past turn 50, relations with OOTMM "Poor" or worse

    M'lord, one of the guards spotted a large fire in our lands whilst looking out from a high window in the Orthanc. He, knowing his duty to Isengard, sent for a party of scouts to investigate. When they reached the location, they found a barren clearing where once there had been many trees. It seems that Orcs from our North have spilled out of the Misty Mountains and came past Fangorn into our lands. Do you wish to destroy this blight on the land?

    Yes: Pay 2,000 Gold. A small OOTMM army spawns near Isengard. 10% chance a small Mordor army spawns near Isengard. War is declared on OOTMM, and a small-medium army is spawned next to the Orthanc under your control.

    No: A small OOTMM army spawns near Isengard. 10% chance a small Mordor army spawns near Isengard. Relations with OOTMM worsened, but war is not declared.

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